Werewolves & Weights

Werewolves and Weights 2016 was a great success! Thank you everyone who came out and supported improving Tulsa’s health. Now lets make this even better!

This is a fun filled event for all levels, novice to experienced! We will blend power lifting movements and Olympic lifts into one total! The catch is, YOU MUST LIFT IN A COSTUME!

We will be hosting the competition at CrossTowne Lifefit! They are a great community in Broken Arrow looking to make an impact. In addition they run a 501c3 called CrossTowne Outreach with a mission to use fitness, lifting and group classes to help recovering addicts stay on course and find a sense of community that they may not have had otherwise.


The night before on the 20th of Oct, we will have a WEIGH IN PARTY (Location TBD)

This is to expedite the lifting process the next day, give competitors an opportunity to see the Kendall Whittier neighborhood, were Valor Strength and Fitness is trying to make an impact, and most importantly enjoy some drinks and friends!


Three divisions: Male/Female, Team (coed or same sex)

Scoring will be the combined 1 rep max weight for three lifts divided by the Wilks Coefficient* (read below for more details)

  1. Ground to Over Head (Clean and Jerk, Power Clean and Push press, Snatch, doesn’t matter, just get the wieght off the ground and over head!)
  2. Back Squat
  3. Deadlift


  • Each person will have three attempts to make a good 1RM at each given lift.
  • The three best 1RM of each specific lift are then added together and divided by the Wilks Coefficient
  • Individuals MUST lift in a costume! The crowd will get to vote on the best costume!


  • Partners can either be coed, or same sex.
  • One partner will perform the Ground to Over Head, one will perform the back squat. It is up to the team who will perform each lift. Each partner will have three attempts to make a good 1RM at each lift.
  • The deadlift will be performed by the partners… TOGETHER AT THE SAME TIME! (See below picture)
  • Scoring will work similar to above. The total weight moved between both partners will be divided by the Wilks Coefficient for their combined body weight


  • New this year we will also have a short WOD for those interested in getting sweaty, but don not want to crush some weights! We will announce the movements as the competition approaches, but don’t worry, the movements and WOD won’t kill anyone and is great for newbies and experienced alike!


Competitor Shirt!

Spectator Shirt!


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