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Memorial Day Murph

It’s that time of year again! Murph is just around the corner. 

Michelle: As a Veteran, it’s my favorite way for people to say “thank you for your service” — by being right in the middle of the suck with me. It is also the way I feel most true honoring those who have died while serving in the Military, serving as a Police Officer, or Fire Fighter. 

If you have done Murph with us before than we are excited to invite you back, if you have not than we welcome you to participate for the first time or simply come out, bring a chair and cheer with us. Feel free to invite family and friends just to hang out.  Keep in mind this workout is completely adjustable. Few people complete it as exactly written the first time or two. Effort and a willingness to try is the spirit this workout embodies!

Who is LT. MIchael P. Murphy 

He is a US NAVY SEAL who was killed in Afghanistan in 2008. For more of his story check out:


You do not have to register online to participate. However, registering online is where you can order your tshirt. Your registration fee goes directly for scholarships to children who have lost a parent while serving. 


Event Details:

We will be hosting the workout Friday the 27th of May. We will start the warm up at 6:35pm so please strive to be on time, this is not the kind of workout you just want to jump in on cold. 

We will have the grill out and ice chests filled with ice! So if you want to bring something please do! 

So set the date and we will see you at Valor

The ’MURPH’ is more than just a workout, it is a tradition that helps push us, humble us, and dedicate a bit of pain and sweat to honor a man who gave everything he had. ~The Murph Challenge 


Support Tulsa Cycling 

The outer east and west bound lanes on 11th street are currently blocked off with cones. 

They are blocked off to serve as temporary bike lanes!! They will be blocked from cars through this Saturday. 

So the Tulsa Young Perfessionals coordinated this effort to show the value of putting in bike lanes along 11th street. 

So make some time, air up those tires, oil those chaines, and go for a ride along 11th. Let’s show the city how much changing our city’s infrastructure will have a direct impact on our community health when we have a safe place to get active. 

Here is the Tulsa World article:

Town Hall Meeting

Town Hall Meeting, Valor’s Future and more!

VALOR!!! We will have a Town Hall Meeting, Friday the 29th at 6:30, immediately after the work out. We will have the grill going, drinks and food! Come to hang out with your friends, talk, and socialize. We’ve  been kicking around some ideas for Valor, and want the community involved in the direction we take. We will be talking about class schedules, class types,  and new leadership positions. So, below is a list of positions and responsibilities that we are thinking of having. Nothing solid, some may be combined, and of course feel free to recommend some that may not have thought of!

IF you are unable to make it to the meeting feel free to message us at or FB. Think over the positions you think you would be interested in, feel free to be interested in more than one; as we are open to combining a few. OR if you want to share a position with a friend we won’t mind at all. ALL positions are available. Our goal is to try and find something for everyone’s passion, so don’t hold back on asking details or asking for a spot on the team, we WANT and WELCOME everyone.


– Michelle


Valor Leadership Positions:

  • Volunteer Coordinator:
    • Organize volunteers/members to assist with projects and events
    • Organize social events for both members and volunteers
  • Social Media Director:
    • Handle social media platforms
    • Encourage participation on social media
    • Post updates and information that needs to be distributed
    • Works in conjunction with the Executive Director to answers Facebook messages
  • Community Outreach Director:
    • Coordinate with other non-profits and similar aligned for profit organizations to further Valor’s mission
    • Build and maintain relationships with the same organizations
    • Coordinate with other directors (Volunteer, Event, Fundraising Coordinator) to meet Valor’s mission by helping to organize outside resources to work with these directors
  • Finance Director:
    • Maintain budget
    • Collect dues
    • Deposit funds
    • Works with President of the board to prepare projected annual budget
    • Allocate and/or disburse fund with Executive Director approval
  • Building/Maintenance Coordinator:
    • Maintain both equipment and building
    • Organize cleaning and improvement of the building and grounds
    • Keeps inventory list up to date
  • Head Coach:
    • Organize, approve, and post WODs, and workouts
    • Collaborate with Executive Director for coach development
    • Work closely with both the Nutrition and Med Ops Directors.
  • Fundraising Coordinator:
    • Organize fundraising campaigns
    • Coordinate with Volunteer Coordinator and Event Coordinator to organize best practices and fundraising at events
    • Coordinate seeking monetary and material donation requests
  • Event Coordinator:
    • Work with the other directors and coordinators to organize and solicit participation Valor and non-Valor events
      • Not to necessarily conduct all the individual events of Valor, rather to find individuals within Valor or the community that would be interested in hosting/organizing an event – then to assist them in achieving their individual vision within the mission of Valor.
  • Medical Operations Director:
    • Direct and organize medical operations to include health fares/screens, education, and work with the Nutrition Director.
    • Work with the Head Coach and Executive Director to organize coach development and ensure member safety.
    • Work with the Medical Director to further Valor’s
  • Nutrition Director:
    • Develop nutrition education for Valor and community
    • Work with the Medical Operations Director, Head Coach to ensure staff is informed and educated on nutrition.
    • Work with the Medical Operation Director on health fares/screens, etc.



Leadership Teams:

Teams are organized around a lead that will rotate periodically, and are made up of Directors and Coordinators that will likely often interact and need to regularly coordinate their activities. The leads responsibility is not necessarily to do the job of each individual but rather coordinate and facilitate the teams goals and direction. Ensuring projects are properly tasked and organized.


  • Coaches Team:
    • Head Coach, Medical Director, Nutrition Director, coaches
  • Volunteer Team:
    • Volunteer Coordinator, Event Coordinator, Community Outreach Director, Fundraising Coordinator, Social Media Director
  • Operations Team:
    • Finance Director, Building/Maintenance Coordinator, Community Outreach Director, Fundraising Coordinator, Head Coach, Social Media Director

Congratulations and Good Luck!

We have been so fortunate to have such great volunteer coaches and unfortunately it is that time again.

Jill and Sam are stepping away from coaching at Valor. We are sad to lose them but we wish them the best and are excited for what they have in store. We are working on a last ruck with them but schedules are packed so be on the lookout for a ruck a little further in the future as we figure out a date that works best. Thank you Jill and Sam for all of your efforts, all of the time you have volunteered and all that you have done for this community. We hope to still see you at Valor workouts.

Please feel free to leave a comment for these two and wish them luck.


Recovery Workshop

Thanks everyone for coming out to our recovery workshop. We’d like to give a big THANK YOU to our presenters today – Theresa Dohm, John Jackson and Dr. Mike Van Antwerp with ZOVA.

When working to improve your fitness what you do prior to your training, race, GORUCK, hike, competition, ect., during and after have a direct impact on both your success and recovery post-event.

If you have specific recovery questions feel free to email us them at If we do not know the answer we will find someone who does.

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Announcements! Schedule Change and More!

A few things we want to make sure everyone is aware of!

  1. 5:30pm on Thursdays there will be an Open Barbell class similar to the Tuesday Open Barbell.
  2. Nutrition class with Theresa on Sunday at 2pm! Bring your questions for a relaxed question and answer session!
  3. Sam’s 44th B-Day WOD Sunday at 6pm!



Take a knee, pull security…

At the end of the WOD, your burned out, breathless, thanking the gym gods you’re still alive… Laying on the ground. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve all been there, myself included. But one of the best things I ever heard, was a soldier who said he refused to lay down after any work out. He felt like laying down was a form of quitting, of surrendering to the work he had just completed.


Now I’m not saying that that last time you laid down in the gym you didn’t earned it! Or are lazy. But hear me out… keep reading.


In the Army the mission never ends, the work may, but not the mission. We may assault the objective, take the bunker, and all the heart pounding, blood rushing work is done! We won! Right? No, because the work is over, but the mission is not. Ammo has to be redistributed, wounds cared for, and a counter attacked prepared for. We do all this not laying down, rather by taking a knee, and pulling security. We remain ready for the enemy to return. On patrol I’ve told many a soldier if they have no idea what to do… Take a knee, and pull security. Remain always ready.


This attitude can apply to any one. Just because the workout is done does not mean life is. Life is going to keep coming at you, Sarah from accounting is going to come by with those donuts again. You’re going to be needing some caffeine come 3 o’clock and that Dr. Pepper will be calling your name. You’re going to be sore in the morning tomorrow, and feel like hitting the snooze button. DO NOT! Take a knee, pull security. Be proud of the work you just did, know you pushed it, but start mentally preparing your self not to quit. Fitness and health is not gained in one hour of working out, but in a lifetime of firefights, and battles. In strength training, metcons and clean eating. Of resisting temptation, and discipline.


Valor’s logo was chosen by Michelle and I because the symbolism it has to us as military veteran’s. A Valor device, or ‘V’ device can be added to an award earned for valor ONLY in combat. The oak wreath around the V represents two things. In the Army we use oak leaf clusters to represent multiple awards of the same type, and the Army picked this tradition up from the Roman army that wore them as the second highest award when they returned victorious from war.


Your health and fitness is a constant war, of both internal and external struggle. So pick up your sweaty self, take a knee and prepare for the fight of tomorrow and earn your Valor device, earn your oak wreath. We will be with you shoulder to shoulder the whole way, because this war is fought as a team, with everyone pushing their brother/sister to their right and left. It all starts with the small acts, I’m not asking you to change everything, but to use that small act of taking a knee, to build a rolling snow ball that will only gain momentum.

See you tomorrow on the battlefield (aka gym :D)!


– Carl Jackson


Let’s talk recovery. We spend a lot of time working and learning how to lift better, run smoother, stretch deeper, move on the pull-up bar more efficiently, throw the wall balls higher, and the list goes on.

Being the best athlete you can be hinges around a few different domaines and one of those is recovery.

We can put in countless amounts of work in the gym, but if our recovery domaine is lacking then we will not be seeing results to their full potential.

Recovery is crucial and one aspect of recovery is the dreaded 5 letter word that we all love but find excuse after excuse not to do. SLEEP.

Is there science to back this up? Yes, in fact a lot. While I’m not going to specifically go into here, if you’re curious and you’d like something more concrete to back up what I’m saying, make a comment about it and I will gladly provide that. I feel pretty confidently we can almost all agree sleep is needed and good for you.

It is during sleep that our body does most of it’s needed repairs. As we crush our weaknesses and get better, this time needed to repair our body is critical to avoiding overtraining, injury, stagnation, sickness, and loss of motivation. 

So the big question, how many of us make sleep a training priority? If you’re like me than your answer waivers between sometimes to little if at all. There is so much competition for our time and not enough hours in the day.

However, as we begin to improve different areas of or life and our fitness our sleeping patterns are something we need to take a look at.

Are you getting a bare minimum of 6 hours of sleep a night? 

If the answer to this is no, than fixing your sleep schedule needs to be high on the health priority list.

Some things we can do to help better our sleep is set a routine.

Avoid alcohol close to bed. I’m guilty of this at times. But logically, why would my body do optimal repair when it’s busy being impaired as it filters out the toxins I just gave it? 

We set alarms to wake up and that works pretty well for most, so let’s reverse the thinking and set a reminder alarm about going to bed.

Log your hours of sleep in the same log you use for tracking your workouts. This allows you to help keep yourself accountable without easily lying to yourself about how much sleep you’re really getting.

These are just a few ideas. If you have any questions about sleep or more ways to better your sleep habits shout it out in the comments. If you have a habit or two that you have found works really well share it so others can try it too.


– Michelle

Berry Yog-olate

Sunday yoga will be a little sweeter! 

This class will be a playful sequence of heart opening poses in a tasty environment of berries and chocolate. 

There will be chocolate covered strawberries to enjoy at the end of class. 



Well OK not really! But he has been awarded a scholarship by the board for 1 x GORUCK Ruck and a GORUCK Tough Challege! He will be training for the OKC Bombing Memorial Event in April. Read bellow to find out just how cool a guy he is! Remember THIS IS WHY VALOR SF EXISTS! Our community making direct and positive impacts on individuals lives and Tulsa. AND IT WOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE WITH OUT YOUR SUPPORT! To find out more how to support Valor or be involved, click here.
I served in the United States Marine Corps Infantry (MOS 0311) from April 2000 until April 2004. In 2002 my unit went on a Mediterranean Float as part of the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit. During this time my unit was tasked in conjunction with NATO forces in Kosovo to provide border control to dissuade Albanian refugees and defectors in persuading elections in Macedonia. In addition we performed extensive training in Djibouti and actually held security for the staging of UAV’s in the country. We made liberty ports in the Seychelles Islands and in Bahrain and had one helluva night of training in UAE. Our 9 month deployment concluded in Ramadi, Iraq as my unit was tasked in the aid of U.S. Army tanks in route to Baghdad. We were the first returning unit from Iraq, in all of the U.S. Forces and returned on all days, Memorial Day 2003.
The fact that I am able to say that I would have gladly given my life to save the life of a fellow Marine, holds just as true now, than it did when we were in a combat zone. There is no doubt in this statement.
I met the most diverse and unique set of individuals that I can still call brothers to this day. No matter where I go in the U.S., I am not far from one of my fellow Marines that still share that overwhelming sense of comradary. Serving our country is,(should be?) one of the highest honors that we can contribute to as an American citizen, but the overwhelming sense of keeping the man next to you alive, is the first step in giving so selflessly and truly embraces the whole reason of why our military exists. I can only hope my written words convey what I have believe as one of my life’s biggest lessons. I am incredibly fortunate to have met the people I have met, traveled the places I have been, and experienced what I have. Regardless of how shitty it may have been, and the friends that have been lost, I can honor them by saying that without them, who knows, I may not be here.
Believe it or not, I have enjoyed getting up early since starting out with Valor. It has helped me structure my days more productively, and this important because I’m working and schooling full time. The physical benefits have been rewarding as well, even though at times I feel like an awkward teenager all over again acclimating my body to a workout structure I am very un-familiar with. Considering the fact that my current “situation” doesn’t really allow for a whole lot of extracurricular activities, Valor SF has given me a small amount of freedom to socialize with new people and has gotten me out of the house more. In addition, seeing the mission that you guys are trying to adhere to with your gym and its purpose has got my own gears rolling on how to be more proactive. I believe that while I may have come to guys as a mandated stipulation to fulfill an agenda, I have gained a whole lot more than just hours.
The funny thing about the whole GORUCK thing is that when I first met with you guys I told you that I would like to to start rucking, without knowing that Valor was a training partner. I wont say that I loved “humping”, Marine Corps for rucking, but I was pretty damn efficient at carrying a pack and really liked motivating other Marines when I served. In fact one of the best accolades I have ever received was when a “boot” Marine, I had primed for the fleet returned from his first deployment (after I had already EASed) and he introduced me to his parents and said that I was the reason he wasn’t a [weeny], because he finally acquired the fortitude to carry a pack. With this being said, I guess I don’t really mind strapping a pack to my back. I like the training because it offsets the training from the other days of the week, and stresses a sense of togetherness. Teamwork, motivates. I have invited several people to join us, and so far 3 people have come. Hopefully we can get more, with an introduction at Veterans Court. I would like to see if there may be a demand for a midweek ruck to take place because I know several parents that simply can’t make it out on Saturday mornings due to conflicts with their children’s activities. Perhaps something quick and light?
Doing a GORUCK event is going to keep me accountable to do the very best I can. I’m pretty headstrong, and since I don’t mind rucking it is a very attainable goal for me to set for myself. If I end up not liking it, that’s good, because I will probably do another. Plus I want a t-shirt man.” – Jon E.
Jon love’s his old ALICE frame ruck and kicking it old school! But we thought it may be time for an upgrade for him!