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“I know you are capable of great things, and I’d be honored if I could give you a push in the right direction. Great things are in your future, but they won’t magically fall from the sky and land in your lap. You’ll need to work your ass off and seize those opportunities for greatness. If you want it to be, your life has the potential to be forever changed.” – Dan Frankelstein from his book Four Bricks.

I can say that being in good health and having a high level of fitness is a state that one can arrive at and sustain, and you are good with this. Where I lose you is when I truthfully say that this transition is not quick or instantaneous.

We are a society who likes good things and we like them now. However, think about this. I’m sitting in my house right now and I really want to go to the store. No matter how much I may want to, I simply cannot snap my finger and be there. Nor can I just take one or two steps and be there. I have to commit to the journey of getting to the store.

A better healthy lifestyle is just the same. Do not get stuck on the fact that it is a journey. Do not let it discourage you any longer. I cannot give you a healthier life, no one can!

Only you can give yourself better health by committing to take that journey one step at a time.

In the words of Dan, your team here at Valor would be honored to give you a push in the right direction and follow along with you as you make your way to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

– Michelle Jackson


If you only had one thing to do with your day to reduce your health risks?

If you only had one thing to do with your day to reduce your health risks the most!? Just one 1/2 hour? Move your body, even just WALK!…. Don’t believe it, watch below!


Working on the Trailer!

Thanks for the support guys and girls! It’s great to have friends who are willing to put in the time and sweat to make this adventure happen! We put on a deck on top of the trailer to hold the platforms and give us more space below for bigger objects…. You know like more LOGS! and hopefully some sandbags and what not soon as well. We can’t wait to see the trailer come together more and get taken out for her first trip soon to Turkey Mountain!

Free Range Fitness!

We exercise as children and it’s fun. We exercise and adults and it’s a chore? When did this happen? Moving your body is suppose to be fun! Learning new skills is exciting! Maybe the problem isn’t that exercising and fitness are not fun, but rather whom and where we try and work out? Humans are social creatures born to be outdoors! 

So come socialize with us, outdoors, AND workout! We will be working out Mondays (Kindle Whittier Park, 6pm) and Saturdays (Turkey Mt, 8am). We do it all! A quick team workout, then either run, ruck, or lift weights!



Health & Athletic Scholarships!

As part of Valor SF’s goals to help underprivileged population in their road to health, we offer several membership options that will assist qualified members in reaching their goals! Read below for more details, and always feel free to write us with your questions.


Subsidized Scholarship Member

  • A person may qualify if:
    • Low income single member or family (specifics to come)
    • Have one of the following medical conditions:
      • Hypertension, obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, PTSD, depression, etc. Others will be considered on an individual bases by the board
      • Is a Disabled Veteran (>30%)
  • Be required to:
    • Have a measurable health goal, such as: eat >5 vegetables and fruits a day, walk/run “x” amount, decrease blood pressure to “x”, etc.
  • Receive the following benefits:
    • ½ off all fees/prices.
    • If funds are available Valor SF will seek to give them equipment that they need to succeed at meeting their goals.
      • For example: John Doe’s goal is to lower his BP, Valor would equip him with a home BP cuff and log. While Jane Doe’s goal is to drink more water and less soda each day, Valor could equip her with water, water bottles, and a Britta filter.



Health & Athletic Scholarship 

  • Must qualify under the same qualifications and requirements above as a Subsidized Scholarship
  • In addition they must:
    • Have both a measurable health goal and an specific athletic goal
    • Then:
      • A) Be nominated by the community or nominated by a Board member
      • B) Be voted on by the community & board, and confirmed by the Board
  • Be required to
    • must work out at least 2x a week with Valor, and 2x a month with Mike Young for strength training.
  • A scholarship awardee will receive the following benefits:
    • All benefits a Subsidized Scholarship receives.
    • In addition H&A Scholarship awardees will receive our help in properly equipping them for their athletic goal, and paying for their event.
      • For example – shoes, shorts and race fees for a 10K run. Triathlon shorts, swimming goggles, bike shoes, race fees for a Triathlon

valor with flag

Say hello to our newest team member!

CrossFit Level 1 Certified | Bachelors in History from OSU Tulsa| Coach

John Eccles Jr. is currently serving full time in the Oklahoma National Guard. He has spent over 15 years in the military service, both active duty and in the national guard. He loves just about anything that involves exercise from marathons, CrossFit, to GORUCK. He may even have been known to do burpess, while wearing body armor, in Iraq!


Snow Day Workout!

Don’t let the weather get in between you and your goals! About the only thing that is going to stop Valor SF from holding our workouts in the community is lighting!

Yeah! Snow Burpees!

Obstacles are often just a state of mind – Learn to “Embrace the Suck” and anything is possible… Even enjoying Snow Burpees!

Things are getting official!

Super excited, about this! Along with other procedures and forms, things are moving along nicely. As a nonprofit we are accountable to our community and state. As such we will be as clear and transparent as possible. Official documents will be kept under “About Us” then “Important Documents” as they become available for any parties that are interested in them.


Welcome to our Web site Launch

It has been a long time coming but the site is finally ready to publish and let everyone see the hard work and dedication that our team has put into this new and exciting venture – Valor Strength & Fitness.