Our Team


Executive Director | info@valorsf.org

Kenneth M. Ruggiano is a Tulsa, Okla.-based photographer who found a passion for fitness through the subjects he photographed. Kenneth struggled with his health after being diagnosed as a Type II diabetic in 2007. Overweight and with a poor understanding of nutrition, he would make small steps to improve his overall health but never saw the gains he hoped to reach. It wasn’t until the passing of his father in 2014 that he really began to take control of his fitness.

A subject he was photographing for a magazine introduced Kenneth to Valor. It’s easy to say his life hasn’t been the same since. Almost two years after showing up to his first workout, he now serves as Executive Director at Valor, working to provide others with the same experience that helped shape him.

Kenneth pulls from past non-profit experience working for the Boy Scouts of America as well as his experiences running his own photography business to aid in his role as Executive Director.

You can catch Kenneth at Valor 3-6 days a week, often coming in last during the workouts. For him, it’s not about being first, it’s about showing up and doing the work.

Head Coach | USA Weightlifting 1 Certified | CrossFit Level 1 | 

Michelle Jackson ran cross country in high school and turned down a college running scholarship to enlist in the Army. Michelle regularly competes in multiple athletic events such as (but not limited to) – 5K, 10K, half and full marathons, triathlons, CrossFit and Weightlifting competitions. She is an Army Combat Veteran who has deployed to Afghanistan apart of JSOC, as a Battlefield Interrogator – highest rank achieved, Staff Sargent (E-6).


Head Programer | CrossFit Level 1 & 2 | CrossFit Weightlifting

Tommy Nugent is a Medic and a Physical Therapist Technician with the Oklahoma National Guard.  Tommy is a Platoon Sargent responsible for identifying, counseling, and monitoring all soldiers in his unit and has extensive history in physical therapy and helping others meet various difficult fitness requirements. He is a wonderfully down to earth coach who is always encouraging and spot on with his advice. His dedication is a great source of inspiration and we love having him on the team!


 Coach | Registered Dietician | LD | CNSC  | CrossFit Level 1 | 

Theresa Dohm has worked as a dietician for the last 8 years. Applying her passion for fitness and nutrition not just to her patients, but also to herself. She has completed multiple GORUCK events, half/full marathons, CrossFit competitions, and obstacle races. Currently she is donating her time to help educate our scholarship awardees on the diet and nutrition. We could not thank her enough for her hard work and volunteering her time!


| Coach | CrossFit Level 1 |

Carl Jackson is currently working as a Emergency Room – Physician Assistant. Carl has 10+ years of medical experience that includes but isn’t limited to his service in the military, as a firefighter, and as an EMT. He is an Army Combat Veteran who currently is enlisted in the Oklahoma National Guard as a Sargent and Combat Medic.

Some board members may also serve as coach’s, read here for their profiles


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