Our Supporters

Listed below are individuals or companies that have supported Valor SF in our effort to improve not only Tulsa’s health, but change an entire generations mindset and view of health, fitness and community. Thank you very much for everything you have done to support us, every little bit helps, and we could not do it without you!


Thank You Inkwell Printing for the custom t-shirts you made for us.  They took the design Sam All made and made it look awesome on fabric.  Through Inkwell, the shirts are now a fundraiser for Valor SF which will allow us to purchase more gear for the gym.  Ask us how you can get your own Valor SF t-shirt.  Inkwell Printing is a local company that supports small businesses and we highly recommend them if you need promotional items. They make just about everything else you can imagine to promote your business – banners, business cards, coffee mugs, key chains, koozies, pens, letterhead, brochures, branded phone chargers, and even custom coin banks.  http://www.inkwell.clothing/

Sartin Sartin Boat & RV Storage was great full enough to hook us up with a great rate, on short notice. Valor SF now has a permanent home, out of the weather, and secured behind great security to keep her safe and protected! Thanks again. Check out their website for more information, and locations in the Tulsa, OK area. 

MobilityWODWe would like to say a big thank you to mobilitywod.com for supporting Valor SF with a great rate for us to learn how to better serve our community. Kelly Starrett’s website is a great resource of knowledge that will allow us to better serve people with previous or current injuries. To help ensure they are safe while working out, able to rehab correctly and hopefully even walk away with a little more knowledge them selves. We certainly look forward to educating our selves as well! Thanks again, and thank you for supporting our efforts to improve the health of Tulsa’s communities!


We want to send a big shout out to Sportsmith for hoking us up recently with a HUGE discount (like 90% off). Michelle was shopping a ware house sell of theirs here in Tulsa, when a manager found out about Valor, he immediately made it his priority to hook us up with much needed and use full equipment; over 20 wall balls, a ton ( nearly literally) of 25kg and 15kg bumper plates, weight belts, jump ropes, foam rollers and more! We cannot thank Sportsmith enough for their contribution and efforts to change the health of communities in Tulsa by supporting Valor! They have made a hug impact on our ability to further expand access to exercise and fitness for Kendall-Whitter and Tulsa. Check out more from them at smithfit.net


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