Our Board


President of the Board

Attending OU School of Community Medicine – Physician Assistant | EMT-Intermediate 

Carl Jackson is currently attending OU School of Community Medicine – Physician Assistant. Carl has 10+ years of medical experience that includes but isn’t limited to his service in the military, as a firefighter, and as an EMT. He is an Army Combat Veteran who currently is enlisted in the Oklahoma National Guard as a Sargent and Combat Medic.


Vice President of the Board

CrossFit Level 1 Certified | Bachelors in History from OSU Tulsa| Coach

John Eccles Jr. is currently serving full time in the Oklahoma National Guard. He has spent over 15 years in the military service, both active duty and in the national guard. He loves just about anything that involves exercise from marathons, CrossFit, to GORUCK. He may even have been known to do burpess, while wearing body armor, in Iraq!

KMR_7896-1web.jpgSecretary of the Board

P.H.D in Chemistry from Univ. of Florida | Former manager of Boris Diaw basketball camp in Bordeaux – France | Former member of Lebanese National Basketball team for under 18

Pascale Atallah loves adventure! She was born in Lebanon, moved to France for her degree and now has settled down, and looking to make it permanent here in the good old USA! She spent time on the Lebanese national basketball team, completed multiple GORUCKS, and obstacle races, and is passionate about health, fitness and helping her community. She has help lead and start multiple non-profits.



1690481_10204885820521200_2169674922159305032_nBoard of Governance Chairperson

Bachelors of Art in Political Science from University of Kansas | Development Director for KU Endowment

LaRisa Chambers has over 15 years of professional fundraising experience. She is currently a fundraiser for KU Endowment. If she is not on the trails running with friends she can be found wearing her Team RWB shirt or anything KU! She also enjoys biking yoga and swimming. She is thrilled to help our non-profit and brings a great deal of experience as she already has held or currently holds leadership/board positions in multiple organizations. Of note is Team RWB Kansas City and Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center among the many. She is proud to be part of this team that is bringing health and fitness to deserving Tulsa residents.


The Board of Valor Strength and Fitness meets regularly to discuss the organizations operations, activities and conduct business. All of the minutes for regularly scheduled board meetings can be found below.

2/23/17 – Regularly scheduled

If there are questions pertaining to any information found on this page, or you would like to extend support to Valor, contact us at valorsf@gmail.com



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