Our Advisors


10176253_10101669077836703_8748812053021412671_nRegistered Dietician | LD | CNSC  

Theresa Dohm has worked as a dietician for the last 8 years. Applying her passion for fitness and nutrition not just to her patients, but also to herself. She has completed multiple GORUCK events, half/full marathons, CrossFit competitions, and obstacle races. Currently she is donating her time to help educate our scholarship awardees on the diet and nutrition. We could not thank her enough for her hard work and volunteering her time!



10441932_2171694738997_8586415748335507074_nNutrition and Dietetic Technician Registered (NDTR) through the Commission of Dietetic Registration | Nutrition & Wellness Consultant through the American Fitness Professionals and Associates | Bachelor of Science in Dietetics through Oklahoma State University | CrossFit level 1 & 2 Trainer | CrossFit Kids |CrossFit Endurance | CrossFit Mobility | CrossFit Weightlifting Certifications.

Carla Townsend is one dedicated women! Crossfiter, businesswomen, mother, AND a nutritionist. She already works as consultant with individuals on health, nutrition management and fitness. In addition currently coaches (and is a part owner) at Crossfit Owasso. So she not only teaches, but puts that knowledge into daily practice in her own personal life. We are proud to have her on board to help bring sound education to neighborhoods in Tulsa that would otherwise not have access to a source of knowledge like her!


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