As  a non-profit and a 501c3 we rely on and are accountable to the public. As such we strive to be as open and honest about our costs, budget and goals. We could not do this with out your support and hope to give back to the community as much as possible through our scholarships (read more here)!

Fundraising Wish List for 2015 –  initial start up costs are partially included

Donations Welcome!

      • We accept anything athletic (gear, tech, shoes, bikes, etc)! Meaning if you have that old GPS tracker that you just don’t use anymore… Donate it to us! We will turn around and find a Valor member and scholarship awardee who has athletic goals that could be furthered with YOUR equipment. Email for specific details and arrangements.
      • Monetary donations are accepted as well! As a registered 501c3 your donations are tax deductible and they DO count even if you do not itemize your taxes. !!DONATE HERE!! (Tax ID: 31954) 

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