Memorial Day Murph – May 26th


Weight Loss isn’t everything!

Simply having the muscles makes your body burn more calories and enables you to lose fat while not starving yourself.


Whatever you choose to call it we will begin having a noon class starting next Thursday!   This is perfect to help you through your midday slump! Lindsay will make sure you leave feeling powerful and accomplished for the day! Don’t forget we are eating pizza at the BLAZE the day before the new class starts! See you there!

Pizza at the Blaze! Come join us!

Valor Family – come join us at the BLAZE for some amazing pizza and a chance to hook up and unwind with friends! 20% of purchases get donated to Valor during the below timeframe – How awesome is that – So come and join us! See you there!  

Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon Relay Teams 

Last year Carl Jackson, Michelle Jackson, Alli Conger, LaRisa Chanbers and Aaron Luck formed a team and ran the marathon relay. We had SO MUCH FUN this year we wanted to invite EVERYONE!       So this year we would like to form teams and would like to know who is interested!  The marathon relay has 5 legs: 1st leg – 10km/6.2mi                                            2nd leg – 5km/3.1mi            … Read More

Tax Season 

We want to again say a huge Thank You to everyone who has donated their time and their money to Valor Strength and Fitness during 2016.  One way we as an organization can show our thanks for your monetary donations is to provide you with a receipt of your donations.  *MYTH I can only use a deduction of donation to a nonprofit on my taxes if I itemize my taxes. This is NOT TRUE.* In an effort to respect the time of our Financial Team volunteers, we’d like to only prepare receipts… Read More

Winter Weather 

We will potentially be having bad weather on Friday 13 Jan 16.  Please check the Valor Facebook page before coming to class on Friday to see if classes are still as scheduled or if they are cancelled.  If schools are cancelled class will be cancelled Thank you for your understanding and last minute flexibility, we want to ensure all of our members and volunteers are safe.      

Holiday Hours 

We hope everyone will be having a great Holiday!!     Friday the 23rd we will be closed and there will be no classes.  While the holidays are a great time to celebrate remember to invest in yourself and stay hydrated by drinking water.     For all of you crazies doing the Polar Bear Plunge this year, we are shivering for you know just thinking about it! If your planning on doing it, comment on our group page and we will look for you to cheer you on!     

You Are A Snowflake

Many people have often heard me say (either yelling or scorn) that “you are NOT a special snowflake!” And guess what you’re not… BUT… you are??? The military beat, broke and battered me down telling me how in-unique I was, to build me up as a part of one of the greatest teams in the world; the US ARMY. I recall being told one time, in reference to not working well with an individual “well you know, you have a lot of military experience, but you don’t have a lot of experiencing… Read More

A Lot To Be Thankful For 

I figured we take a moment out of our busy afternoons to enjoy a cute pup who also loves doing what we love!  I want to take a minute and recognize all of you for your hard work.  Thank you! Thank you for the time you give to ensuring Valor is successful. Thank you for making it a priority to help someone else. Thank you for the items you donate to Valor. Thank you Key Holders for paying your donations. Thank you members for paying your dues.  We all give a little and… Read More