Suck Less

“Suck Less” is written in chalk on a brick wall at my gym. “The Suck” 1. That place your mind goes when you stop having fun and you rely on your character to get you through. 2. When you start evaluating whether you should continue or not 3. When you THINK you’ve hit a wall and are deciding if you’ll use your character as a winch to pull you up or if you’ll tie barbells to your ankles 4. Not good, very bad time.   I hit the suck often, but I’ve… Read More


FREE Nutrition education from our wonderful Theresa and Carla! They will be going over the Zone Diet and our upcoming combined challenge with CF Owasso starting the week after! More information soon about the challenge as we seek to help support each other in our health and fitness goals! BTW if you live in the Owasso are you should defiantly check out CF Owasso! The wonderful Carla Thompson has been a great asset in helping us bring education to the Kendall-Whitter neighborhood and is a wonderful coach herself!

CPR Class! 

Thanks everyone for coming out for some great education by CPR 4 U! Valor SF isn’t just a gym. We want to bring effective education on all matters of health to a part of town that would not have access to it. So CPR 4 U gave away three AHA CPR cards Tuesday night to individuals who can use their new found skills to help the community.                                     


  With all that is happening with Valor SF lately we thought it would be a good time to show you our leaders of Valor as we continue to move forward. Keep in mind, it is these great people who run the daily operations of Valor, where as the Board writes the mission and approves the budget. With out these guys there would be no gym!   Executive Director & Coach | USA Weightlifting 1 Certified | CrossFit Level 1 Certified Michelle Jackson ran cross country in high school and turned down… Read More

UPDATE: Jose got a Scholarship!

If you read about Jose previously and thought his story was pretty darn cool; know that we did too! As such the Valor SF Board has decided to give away our SECOND Health/Athletic Scholarship! His health/athletic goals are to increase the mobility and strength of his injured shoulder, and focus on continuing to learn functional movements while working out with us. So, we will be buying him two pairs of shorts (because he has NONE and always works out in Jeans), fitting and buying him proper athletic shoes, and lastly therapy bands… Read More

The Future of Lifestyle Medicine

This is very much along the lines of were we hope medicine goes! KEY POINTS; strength & conditioning, along with a partnership with PCP’s to better understand patients, the community and their needs. Not just a simple “go walk more,” but a comprehensive education and fitness program to modify the underlying behaviors to CURE or significantly help many diseases. One day we hope to be able to test A1c’s and lipid panels for Valor, FOR FREE. Further interweaving exercise and health into communities that need it and/or lack access to it. Read… Read More

Memorial Weekend

Thank you to all the great people who showed up to put some hard work in this weekend! Memorial Day weekend is about remember that you are alive to embrace the suck, and that means you should smile even when it hurts. Thank you to all the public safety officers, firefighters, EMT and especially Soldiers, Marines, Air Men, and Seamen who have paid the ultimate price. We can not say thank you enough to you or your families.  


We will be doing the Murph Challenge NO MATTER WHAT THE WEATHER IS!! Tomorrow 10am! However, we will be canceling the food and instead rallying at McNellies afterwards for drinks and food!  Michelle probably put it the best “As a veteran, one of the ways I think to honor the fallen is not by thanking a veteran or buying them a beer, but to embrace the suck in the name of the very men who sacrificed it all. It gives their memory and name personal meaning rather then just making them another… Read More

Introducing JILL BATES!

We are proud to announce a great new addition to our team! Jill Bates will be acting as a Assistant Coach! Jill never was athletic growing up. This eventually caught up to her and she hit her heaviest weight of 250+ lbs. in 2010. Through diet and exercise, she lost 100 lbs. and found her passion for living a healthy life. She starting running in the fall of 2011 and couldn’t even run down her street when she started. After training for it, her first race was in May 2012; she done… Read More

Murph Challenge 2015

We’ve decided to host the Murph Challenge at Kendall-Whittier Park, THIS Saturday, at 10am! AKA where we normally host our workouts at. BUT since there will be no pull up bars we’ve decided to do a modified Murph. Pick your choice of punishment: 1.5 miles*, 200 push ups, 300 squats, 1.5 miles (*completed with one of our handy logs and a partner or a 45# bumper plate) OR 1 mile, 100 bent over row (loaded to ~75% body weight), 200 push ups, 300 squats, 1 mile. And as always with a 20#… Read More