Weight Loss isn’t everything!

Weight loss isn’t everything. Let’s face it—women everywhere want to lose weight—but is it really weight you want to lose or is it inches? The fact is that you don’t have to lose pounds to look great. Training with heavy weights leads to total body recomposition—an increase in muscle mass increases your metabolism and makes it easier to burn fat.

Simply having the muscles makes your body burn more calories and enables you to lose fat while not starving yourself.

You might not lose weight on the scale, but you will lose fat and gain muscle. Over the last few years of weight training I have lost a lot of pounds and gained a lot of pounds. While I would like to be somewhere in between, I am happy at the higher weight that I am at now.

Even being at the same weight that I was at when I started my fitness journey—almost 200 pounds—I look and feel much fitter than I did two years ago.

I have a lot more muscle and less fat than I did at 200 pounds 2 years ago. Taking waist measurements, progress photos, and watching your fitness performance progress help to keep you sane when the scale doesn’t budge or the weight on the scale even goes up. So, ladies: Don’t be afraid to move some heavy weights, eat some food, and let your muscles burn some fat. You’ll be glad you did!

– Coach Jess


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