Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon Relay Teams 

Last year Carl Jackson, Michelle Jackson, Alli Conger, LaRisa Chanbers and Aaron Luck formed a team and ran the marathon relay. We had SO MUCH FUN this year we wanted to invite EVERYONE!



So this year we would like to form teams and would like to know who is interested! 

The marathon relay has 5 legs:

1st leg – 10km/6.2mi                                            2nd leg – 5km/3.1mi                                             3rd leg – 12km/7.6mi                                            4th leg – 5km/3.1mi                                               5th leg – 10km/6.2mi

There is a bus system to take participants to the starting points of each leg and a bus to take everyone (other than the 5th leg) back to the finish. Every leg has water and gatoraid stations during them. 

 Here is a direct link to the team web page for more detailed information: http://okcmarathon.com/race-details/marathon-relay-26-2-miles-5-runners/

Who doesn’t want to run Gorilla Hill?


Last year Carl and I stayed stayed at the Colcord hotel, and we mention it here so if anyone else would like to plan to stay there to they are welcome to plan for that. Full disclosure, it was not a cheep hotel and this was something we had to budget for in advance. 


We chose this hotel because of a few key reasons: 1 – they open up their restaurant at roughly 4am the morning of the race so guest-participants could eat before the race (there was no wait to be seated last year) 2- the hotel is within walking distance of the busing area for the relay members and the starting line this is a huge plus 3 – at no extra charge the hotel gave all guest-participants an automatic very late check out (this gave us time to eat/shower/catch a 45min nap before hitting the road back to OKC). Parking is a nightmare the morning of the race. From a few years of past experience, if you are not trying to park prior to 4am you will likely sit in backed up traffic for 45+ minutes – the closer to start time the worse it is. 

The hotel’s website is: http://colcordhotel.com



If you commit to a team please respect that it is a commitment. Your team is counting on you to train if you need to and not back out for non-serious reasons. 

All Valor teams will accommodate ALL ability levels. The purpose of these teams is to have a good time as a community supporting each other, we are not setting relay team course records. If you would like to run on a competitive relay team, we totally support you finding one and we will cheer your team on. 

Team members can complete their leg in the manor that is most comfortable for them – all walking, walking and running, Rucking with a little or a lot of weight, jogging, running their heart out. 

You are welcome to invite nonValor friends to join our teams, please make sure that they are aware that we are a community inclusive of all athletic abilities. 

It is posted on the event site that the course does not allow strollers or pets. 


Post in the comments if you want to be on a relay team and which legs you would like to run or be fine with running.

Example: Michelle I want to be on a team, any leg -or- Michelle I want to be on a team, 5km/3.1 leg. 

This will help us get a total, play some Tetris, see what we have and if we short on any teams.  

The OKC runs all commemorate, remember, and respect those who gave/lost their lives that day, those who worked to save the survivors, the family of those lost, and those who worked to rebuild stronger. 

It is a true honor to participate in this event. 


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