Tax Season 

We want to again say a huge Thank You to everyone who has donated their time and their money to Valor Strength and Fitness during 2016. 

One way we as an organization can show our thanks for your monetary donations is to provide you with a receipt of your donations. 

*MYTH I can only use a deduction of donation to a nonprofit on my taxes if I itemize my taxes. This is NOT TRUE.*

In an effort to respect the time of our Financial Team volunteers, we’d like to only prepare receipts for those who would like one. 

If you would like a receipt, please email us at with an itemized list of your donation(s) and the value of it. Please have your emails sent to us by January 31st so that the finance team knows how much time to set aside for preparing these and getting them sent out in a timely manor.  


-Monthly payment $75 ($15 subtracted for exchange of goods and services) $60 value 

-toilet paper $10 value 

Being able to give back to those who donate and help support our organization is one of the main reasons we worked so hard to become a registered 501c3. 

Your donation, no matter how large or small, has made a huge impact and we are looking forward to the impact we will make in our community in 2017. 


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