Suck Less

“Suck Less” is written in chalk on a brick wall at my gym.

“The Suck”

1. That place your mind goes when you stop having fun and you rely on your character to get you through.

2. When you start evaluating whether you should continue or not

3. When you THINK you’ve hit a wall and are deciding if you’ll use your character as a winch to pull you up or if you’ll tie barbells to your ankles

4. Not good, very bad time.


I hit the suck often, but I’ve been getting stronger both mentally and physically. I have three different responses to the suck, and I think some of them are common to all man.


1. Stop and look at suck – I was doing wall climbs today and noticed that I had completely stopped and was just looking at the wall, like a 4 year old looks up at Shaq. Not moving, just breathing and looking maybe for a full minute. Just thinking “I can’t do this again, this is too much. How can I hope to do this again?”

When I start to play this game, I’m on my way to losing my mental bearing and either burning out the clock or puffing out my chest and going through it. At this point I have to stop thinking, considering and evaluating and just do the thing.

2. Beat myself up because I’m in the suck – We were running with medicine balls and I just couldn’t / wouldn’t run as hard as I knew I should. I was mentally beating myself up because I knew I was in the suck but just didn’t quite have enough mental toughness to perform the way I ought – I made it through but at the end of the day I was disappointed because I could have done harder. The answer to this one is to just stop thinking, considering and evaluating and push harder.

3. Admire someone elses suck / why-  did this suck befall me / I don’t even like this – Sometimes I’ll start watching a true beast do an exercise and I’ll be like “well, I’m not so and so with the huge abs.. so I really shouldn’t even keep trying.” or “Jeez, that is no problem for that bro, he’s lapped me twice.” or sometimes I’ll slip into the pity game and be sad that I chose to try crossfit and try and tell myself I hate it and should quit. Again – the best answer is:

stop thinking, considering and evaluating and just do the thing.

– Daniel Byrd

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