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Memorial Day Murph – May 26th



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Weight Loss isn’t everything!

Weight loss isn’t everything. Let’s face it—women everywhere want to lose weight—but is it really weight you want to lose or is it inches? The fact is that you don’t have to lose pounds to look great. Training with heavy weights leads to total body recomposition—an increase in muscle mass increases your metabolism and makes it easier to burn fat.

Simply having the muscles makes your body burn more calories and enables you to lose fat while not starving yourself.

You might not lose weight on the scale, but you will lose fat and gain muscle. Over the last few years of weight training I have lost a lot of pounds and gained a lot of pounds. While I would like to be somewhere in between, I am happy at the higher weight that I am at now.

Even being at the same weight that I was at when I started my fitness journey—almost 200 pounds—I look and feel much fitter than I did two years ago.

I have a lot more muscle and less fat than I did at 200 pounds 2 years ago. Taking waist measurements, progress photos, and watching your fitness performance progress help to keep you sane when the scale doesn’t budge or the weight on the scale even goes up. So, ladies: Don’t be afraid to move some heavy weights, eat some food, and let your muscles burn some fat. You’ll be glad you did!

– Coach Jess


Whatever you choose to call it we will begin having a noon class starting next Thursday!


This is perfect to help you through your midday slump! Lindsay will make sure you leave feeling powerful and accomplished for the day!

Don’t forget we are eating pizza at the BLAZE the day before the new class starts!

See you there!

Pizza at the Blaze! Come join us!

Valor Family – come join us at the BLAZE for some amazing pizza and a chance to hook up and unwind with friends! 20% of purchases get donated to Valor during the below timeframe – How awesome is that – So come and join us! See you there!



Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon Relay Teams 

Last year Carl Jackson, Michelle Jackson, Alli Conger, LaRisa Chanbers and Aaron Luck formed a team and ran the marathon relay. We had SO MUCH FUN this year we wanted to invite EVERYONE!



So this year we would like to form teams and would like to know who is interested! 

The marathon relay has 5 legs:

1st leg – 10km/6.2mi                                            2nd leg – 5km/3.1mi                                             3rd leg – 12km/7.6mi                                            4th leg – 5km/3.1mi                                               5th leg – 10km/6.2mi

There is a bus system to take participants to the starting points of each leg and a bus to take everyone (other than the 5th leg) back to the finish. Every leg has water and gatoraid stations during them. 

 Here is a direct link to the team web page for more detailed information:

Who doesn’t want to run Gorilla Hill?


Last year Carl and I stayed stayed at the Colcord hotel, and we mention it here so if anyone else would like to plan to stay there to they are welcome to plan for that. Full disclosure, it was not a cheep hotel and this was something we had to budget for in advance. 


We chose this hotel because of a few key reasons: 1 – they open up their restaurant at roughly 4am the morning of the race so guest-participants could eat before the race (there was no wait to be seated last year) 2- the hotel is within walking distance of the busing area for the relay members and the starting line this is a huge plus 3 – at no extra charge the hotel gave all guest-participants an automatic very late check out (this gave us time to eat/shower/catch a 45min nap before hitting the road back to OKC). Parking is a nightmare the morning of the race. From a few years of past experience, if you are not trying to park prior to 4am you will likely sit in backed up traffic for 45+ minutes – the closer to start time the worse it is. 

The hotel’s website is:



If you commit to a team please respect that it is a commitment. Your team is counting on you to train if you need to and not back out for non-serious reasons. 

All Valor teams will accommodate ALL ability levels. The purpose of these teams is to have a good time as a community supporting each other, we are not setting relay team course records. If you would like to run on a competitive relay team, we totally support you finding one and we will cheer your team on. 

Team members can complete their leg in the manor that is most comfortable for them – all walking, walking and running, Rucking with a little or a lot of weight, jogging, running their heart out. 

You are welcome to invite nonValor friends to join our teams, please make sure that they are aware that we are a community inclusive of all athletic abilities. 

It is posted on the event site that the course does not allow strollers or pets. 


Post in the comments if you want to be on a relay team and which legs you would like to run or be fine with running.

Example: Michelle I want to be on a team, any leg -or- Michelle I want to be on a team, 5km/3.1 leg. 

This will help us get a total, play some Tetris, see what we have and if we short on any teams.  

The OKC runs all commemorate, remember, and respect those who gave/lost their lives that day, those who worked to save the survivors, the family of those lost, and those who worked to rebuild stronger. 

It is a true honor to participate in this event. 

Tax Season 

We want to again say a huge Thank You to everyone who has donated their time and their money to Valor Strength and Fitness during 2016. 

One way we as an organization can show our thanks for your monetary donations is to provide you with a receipt of your donations. 

*MYTH I can only use a deduction of donation to a nonprofit on my taxes if I itemize my taxes. This is NOT TRUE.*

In an effort to respect the time of our Financial Team volunteers, we’d like to only prepare receipts for those who would like one. 

If you would like a receipt, please email us at with an itemized list of your donation(s) and the value of it. Please have your emails sent to us by January 31st so that the finance team knows how much time to set aside for preparing these and getting them sent out in a timely manor.  


-Monthly payment $75 ($15 subtracted for exchange of goods and services) $60 value 

-toilet paper $10 value 

Being able to give back to those who donate and help support our organization is one of the main reasons we worked so hard to become a registered 501c3. 

Your donation, no matter how large or small, has made a huge impact and we are looking forward to the impact we will make in our community in 2017. 

Winter Weather 

We will potentially be having bad weather on Friday 13 Jan 16. 

Please check the Valor Facebook page before coming to class on Friday to see if classes are still as scheduled or if they are cancelled. 

If schools are cancelled class will be cancelled

Thank you for your understanding and last minute flexibility, we want to ensure all of our members and volunteers are safe. 


Holiday Hours 

We hope everyone will be having a great Holiday!! 

Friday the 23rd we will be closed and there will be no classes. 

While the holidays are a great time to celebrate remember to invest in yourself and stay hydrated by drinking water. 


For all of you crazies doing the Polar Bear Plunge this year, we are shivering for you know just thinking about it! If your planning on doing it, comment on our group page and we will look for you to cheer you on!


You Are A Snowflake

Many people have often heard me say (either yelling or scorn) that “you are NOT a special snowflake!” And guess what you’re not… BUT… you are???

The military beat, broke and battered me down telling me how in-unique I was, to build me up as a part of one of the greatest teams in the world; the US ARMY. I recall being told one time, in reference to not working well with an individual “well you know, you have a lot of military experience, but you don’t have a lot of experiencing of working with a corporate team.” At the time I couldn’t think of a good response but now I know I would have said –

“Your right, I choose to achieve the mission of the TEAM rather than worry about accolades of INDIVIDUALS.”

In the ultimate of paradoxes that I believe in, I think to often people view themselves as special unique snowflakes deserving of special treatment, because they’re special, for no other reason then they have never viewed the world from any other perspective other than their own. Yet, here is something that I do not tell many… YOU ARE UNIQUE.

How can such paradox exist you ask? At one aspect you tell me my suffering and accomplishments are no more worthy than any one others? And as such should drive me to help my fellow man? You also speak of my suffering and accomplishments as something to be proud of? Which IS it!?

So, here’s the truth –


Plenty of combat medics, soldiers, firemen, etc have achieved what I have and more. Competing and comparing myself against them would be ridiculous. Except when compared with the idea of the perpetual energy machine, IE – INNER drive and competition, that perpetually feeds on itself, something that physicist are still trying to figure out! If I always compete against my self, it only becomes perpetually harder to achieve, driven by internal motivation I have no other option other than to PICK UP THE HEAVIER BAR, GO TO THE HARDER SCHOOL, BE A BETTER FATHER, HUSBAND… etc, etc.

I say all this in reference to a lot of people I’ve heard lately say “well I don’t know about signing up for a weightlifting competition”… I want to ask “How many 5k’s did you sign up for knowing you wouldn’t win?”. Life is NOT about the competition to my right and left, because I am NOT UNIQUE, and will likely loss to them.


So get your in-unique unique self out there and challenge that inner being, compete everyday, from now until you die – otherwise you’re really not living, just existing.

Suck Less

“Suck Less” is written in chalk on a brick wall at my gym.

“The Suck”

1. That place your mind goes when you stop having fun and you rely on your character to get you through.

2. When you start evaluating whether you should continue or not

3. When you THINK you’ve hit a wall and are deciding if you’ll use your character as a winch to pull you up or if you’ll tie barbells to your ankles

4. Not good, very bad time.


I hit the suck often, but I’ve been getting stronger both mentally and physically. I have three different responses to the suck, and I think some of them are common to all man.


1. Stop and look at suck – I was doing wall climbs today and noticed that I had completely stopped and was just looking at the wall, like a 4 year old looks up at Shaq. Not moving, just breathing and looking maybe for a full minute. Just thinking “I can’t do this again, this is too much. How can I hope to do this again?”

When I start to play this game, I’m on my way to losing my mental bearing and either burning out the clock or puffing out my chest and going through it. At this point I have to stop thinking, considering and evaluating and just do the thing.

2. Beat myself up because I’m in the suck – We were running with medicine balls and I just couldn’t / wouldn’t run as hard as I knew I should. I was mentally beating myself up because I knew I was in the suck but just didn’t quite have enough mental toughness to perform the way I ought – I made it through but at the end of the day I was disappointed because I could have done harder. The answer to this one is to just stop thinking, considering and evaluating and push harder.

3. Admire someone elses suck / why-  did this suck befall me / I don’t even like this – Sometimes I’ll start watching a true beast do an exercise and I’ll be like “well, I’m not so and so with the huge abs.. so I really shouldn’t even keep trying.” or “Jeez, that is no problem for that bro, he’s lapped me twice.” or sometimes I’ll slip into the pity game and be sad that I chose to try crossfit and try and tell myself I hate it and should quit. Again – the best answer is:

stop thinking, considering and evaluating and just do the thing.

– Daniel Byrd

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